The Threat
The past decade has seen a soaring increase in the attacks against Business management and their facilities. These attacks may be from sources as diverse as Disaffected Employees brooding over job terminations, Criminals, Violent pressure groups or even Terrorists.
Stalking is another form of threat that has been around for a long time, but never before has there been so many, who focus their attention on celebrities and high profile figures. This is a very dangerous situation, because stalkers seem to be so obsessed in reaching their victims, that they are unmindful of the deterrents and consequences of detection.
The Service
Executive Protection and Family Protection
Our bodyguards are available to blend into your environment whether stationed at a particular location or fully mobile to unobtrusively accompany the principal throughout the day. We combine risk awareness with agenda planning to allow the principal a safe yet unencumbered lifestyle.
Foreign Dignitary Protection
Active Security Management takes a particular interest in Executive protection for foreign dignitaries. We have special expertise regarding the cultures and politics of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. And can assist with agenda planning in the local areas.
Whatever the threat Active Security Management will provide intelligent, smart and highly skilled Professional, licensed Bodyguard that will fit in with your Business and Social requirements. Constantly assessing the potential risks and minimising them to accommodate you the client.
The Bodyguards
Our personnel work under the direct control of our Director of Operations who has extensive experience in this field, they are also trained in first aid and unarmed combat and possess excellent communication skills. Our services are available on long term contracts or one – off assignments.